Gordon Leadfoot - Why? So You Can Judge Me? (CD)

Gordo Front Cover 1.jpg
Gordo Front Cover 1.jpg

Gordon Leadfoot - Why? So You Can Judge Me? (CD)


Gordon Leadfoot's debut album steps up to the plate with all bases loaded! Upbeat acoustic numbers, somber cowboy goth twang, melodic blasts of hard rock, folky musings, deranged pop tunes and more! This one’s got it all, folks. Everything going through Gordo’s warped brain is on full display in this gem. Featuring aggro-folk tunes (“It Won’t Touch Me”), straight-up rockers (“Hope Springs”), pensive country songs (“In My Veins”), psychedelic pop tunes (“End Song”) and a helluva lot more!

Track Listing:

It Won’t Touch Me



Hope Springs

In My Veins

I Get Sick

Old Useless Song

Head In My Hands

For Us

End Song

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